I’m constantly traveling between South Bend IN, Indianapolis, Chicago and Grand Rapids.  If you would like to see me, you may ask me my availability on any specific day or general day/time etc.


 Please send two or more references and /or LinkedIn, business card or work badge along with your drivers license and appointment request, or fill out my booking form

Tuesday 4-19-22 

Wednesday 4-20-22

Thursday 4-21-22

Friday 4-22-22

Saturday 4-23-22

Sunday 4-24-22 

Monday 4-25-22-------Denver, CO

Tuesday 4-26-22 -------Denver, CO

Wednesday 4-27-22-------Denver, CO  

Thursday 7-28-22-------Denver, CO

Friday 4-29-22-------Denver, CO 

Saturday 4-30-22 

Sunday 5-1-22

Monday 5-2-22