The best way to connect is to introduce yourself with an email that includes your name, your profession, your interests, and several desired dates and times. With this I can confirm my availability. You can submit a form here or I can provide an unlisted email address upon request.


My preferred method of verification is an introductory email which includes your full name. I will ask for your identification upon meeting in person if you have not provided it earlier communication. I do accept references as well. Please send the name, email address and website of two women with whom you have met within the past 12 months.

Screening Without References

If you don’t have references, I am still happy to see you. Please send your full name, phone number (no VoIP, google numbers or burners please), identification and email from your place of work.

Privacy and safety are paramount to the both of us; I delete all personal information after we have met.
When possible, please send inquiries from an encrypted email provider.

It’s the little details…

Immaculate hygiene is nothing short of a turn on. If you would like to maximize your time with me, arrive freshly showered, appropriately dressed, clean shaven, accented by a pleasant scent and minted breath.

This should go without saying, but I do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender or gender expression, able-bodieness or sexual orientation.

I do not participate in reviews, and ask that my dates abstain from writing reviews about our time together for matters of privacy.
Additionally, I do not participate in video, phone or photo recordings of our time together.

Dates may contact me for an unlisted email to send gift cards. Screened patrons may ask for my mailing address if you’d like to send gifts or other thoughtful tokens of appreciation. 

I receive a large number of inquiries and am selective about those I choose to spend time with. Priority will be given to dates of three hours or more.

Texting Etiquette

Newbie Etiquitte